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Important Messages from the Shelby County Alumni Association

Actual Michigan State Message Board Posts during Capital One Bowl

Enjoy these awesome posts by MSU fans during the game Saturday...

  • "Julio takin' us to schoolio"
  • " why are they allowing Alabama to play with 35 players on defense?"
  • "I think their punter is currently drinking around the world in Epcot."
  • "If we played 10 times, they would win 15"
  • "We need much more to compete against a true BCS team. We need a couple of CBs, safeties that can tackle, and a pass rush. That's just defense."
  • "If Cam Newton costs $200,000 for a season, how much is a 2nd half rental?"
  • "and now cousins is dead"
  • "If I was our QB i would hire an attorney and sue them for negligence or intentional infliction of physical and emotional distress."
  • "I'm ready to accept MSU boosters paying for an offensive line. If we get caught I can deal with it."
  • "This is getting out of hand...an Alabama d-lineman just popped out of my TV and threw me 10 yards behind my couch."
  • "Can we just roll out a blowup doll for our QB? At least they won't be surprised from behind."
  • "Do you think this is how Custer felt?"
  • "We're going to have a wing named after us at Orlando Regional Medical Center by the time this game finishes." lol
  • well we kept it under 50."
  • "We brought our band down to Orlando? I had no idea!"
  • Reporter: Coach Dantonio, what do you think happened here today?
    Dantonio: Alabama Kicked our a**
    Reporter: Why do you think the game was so lopsided?
    Dantonio: Because we couldn't kick their a**
  • "I want to know how many times in the history of organized football that teams have punted on 4th and goal"
  • "You know, I've never been sodomized, but I'd imagine it'd feel somewhat like how I'm feeling right now watching this mess."
  • "if i'm Maxwell, I fake an injury on the way to the huddle"
  • 'I can't believe Saban let the 4th stringers play for a quarter and half and didn't put in the 5th string.'


Special Message about Alabama Hockey and Shelby County Alumni Association...

Dear Shelby County Alumni, Fans and Friends:

Happy CRIMSON New Year!!! What a pleasure to watch the near-flawless execution last Saturday. Too much fun! I have an e-mail that I'm going to post on our Shelby County UA Alumni Association web site www.shelbycountyrolltide.com which has the comments of the Michigan State fans both during and after the game. They are hilarious, and worth a look. Read them out loud to an Auburn fan for even more enjoyment!

Coach Anthony Grant's basketball team had a blowout win last night versus Toledo, and the SEC schedule starts this Saturday at Mississippi State, but before that...

The Shelby County Alumni Association is a supporter of The University of Alabama Men's Hockey Club, which plays their home games in Pelham at the Ice Arena at the Pelham Civic Center. If you have never attended a Frozen Tide hockey game there, you are missing a real fun time. It is inexpensive entertainment for the whole family, or an entertaining beginning to a night out with the guys (or girls!). Their next game is this Friday night versus Florida State at 8PM, and the following night is Alumni night versus Kennesaw State. The following weekend is the "IRON CUP" weekend series against Auburn! There is a link on our web site to the Frozen Tide web site and you can view the entire remaining season schedule there. I hope you will make it out to support the Frozen Tide.

Be on the lookout for an announcement regarding our annual Recruiting Update/Basketball Watching event in late January/early February. We tenatively have a TOP NOTCH speaker who has agreed to speak if we can work it out with his schedule, and of course he will have LOTS to tell us as this is shaping up to be an outstanding year (again) for recruiting in football. 49-7!!!!!

Please be sure to visit the web site, and if you haven't yet joined the Shelby County UA Alumni Association or if you would like to make a donation to our Scholarship Fund, there's no time like the New Year! Just follow the instructions on the form.

Thank you for your support of the Shelby County UA Alumni Association, and as always,

On behalf of the Executive Committee,
Blair Voltz, President

A special note from our guest recruiting speaker, Andrew Bone...

Dear Shelby County Alumni, Fans and Friends:

I hope you were able to attend our Annual Recruiting Update and Basketball Viewing Party earlier in February. We greatly enjoyed having recruiting guru, Andrew Bone, come and speak to our group and keep us updated on Bama's recruiting. You can see photos from this, as well as other chapter events, in the photos section of the site.

Following the Recruiting Update Event, I received this very kind text from our guest speaker, Andrew Bone, and wanted to pass the message along to all of you:

"Thanks for having me, Blair. I really enjoyed it and look forward to next year. You have a great alumni group and wish you the best. Thanks again."

Thank you guys for your support of the Shelby County UA Alumni Association. I agree completely with Andrew; we have a great alumni group! And as always,

On behalf of the Executive Committee,
Blair Voltz, President

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